About company


About us

Arusnavi is a mature and prosperous fleet management company that produces monitoring and navigation equipment.

Beside GPS-trackers we produce fuel level sensors, CAN – bus readers, GPS-beacons and other additional equipment.

Made in EU

Our company office is located in Vilnius, Lithuania and our production is Undoubtly European standarts are highly valued around the world, thus we have the main office and a warehouse in Vilnius, Lithuania, while equipment producing is focused on contract manufacturing in Estonia.

Brand devices ARNAVI have CE quality certificates. After the manufacture line navigation controllers go to the laboratory of Vilnius (Lithuania), where they are checked for factory defects and tested on the stand.

Testing stand is a device which verify the efficiency of all the systems of the device in working conditions (including the input/output, the efficiency of the sensors, etc.)*

The hardware requires software to work properly. Gelios – is our own software complex which is being developed and improved every day by staff of programmers in Minsk, Belarus.

* Arnavi navigation terminals have an open Protocol and they are suitable with any software. Using of the Gelios monitoring system is not obligatory.



Development outlook and future plans

We are devoted to continuous development, so we invite new partners to colaboration. (Go to the Collaboration section).

Over the years, we have created and developed a number of projects to work:

  • Solomon ( free equipment instalation)
  • AvtoOko24 ( equipment with auto-start system for a personal using)
  • Gruzolot (online service for free ordering of equipment without intermediate agents)
  • GeliosSoft (software for transport monitoring)

What is more, in 2017 we opened the first office in Europe. Be the first, be with us, join our huge team.

Our advantages

  • Minimum price

    We offer the maximum functionality of equipment and software at the lowest commercial price for you and your business.

  • High quality

    Each device is tested carefully, so we offer 5 years warranty

  • Logistics

    Customers choose the way of delivery, the logistics company and the fare for the shipment of equipment.

  • Technical support

    We care about our customers. Any question of your technical support will be friendly processed within a few hours, because We understand that even the most highly qualified specialists may have questions.

  • Integration with other services

    Our equipment easily integrates with other equipment and software.

  • New Horizons

    Every year we open new projects and constantly improve the skills of our employees.

Main activities

  • Design

    Our design engineers carefully think over every detail for you.

  • Production

    We do not have our own plant yet, but we use processing lines in the most high-tech and verified factories of EU.

  • Selling

    We are wholesaling oriented, so we invited dealers for a cooperation and creating perfect solutions for the clients (vehicle rent, taxi, logistics companies).

  • Server service

    Gelios software has a great variety of functions and compatible with range of different equipment. We would be glad to help you and answer to all of your questions – just call us.

  • Equipment installation

    Please check contacts to contact sales and installation department in your town.

  • Technical support

    In case of emergency please feel free to contact us. Our engineers will assist you in short time.