In the process of development, design and production of equipment, we use only the latest technology and modern components, so our devices are fault-tolerant and have a long service life. 

In case of equipment failure (for example, driver intervention, improper installation, significant excess voltage, etc.) there is a step by step instruction.

Attention, please! Since January 1, 2019, the technical service works only via e-mail this decision was made due to the fact that the time to resolve issues can take a long time and because of this missed some of the other calls, which caused great dissatisfaction with the quality of service, so to avoid such situations, all requests are now have to be sent to e-mail and processed within a few hours).

What to do in case of connection loss?

1. Please email us and describe your problem. Our technical support will be happy to resolve your problem and help you. Attention, please. In order to avoid additional charges, please carefully describe your problem in the letter. There are some issues that can be solved independently or with distant assistance (e.g. firmware update).

2. If the problem isn’t solved distantly, please send the defective equipment to A. Vivulskio g. 7-615, LT-03162, Vilnius, Lithuania. Please note, delivery is paid by the sender. We are not responsible for the shipment.

Shipping order

1. The equipment must be cleaned, additional sensors and connectors must be disconnected. If you need to diagnose the performance of additional sensors please inform us through the damage report.

2. Fill in the damage report. Please mare sure to fill out all the fields, otherwise proper repair cannot be guaranteed.

3. Сarefully pack the equipment to avoid damage. Please attach the damage report.

4. Shipping can be made by any transport company. Transportation costs are fully compensated by the sender.

Equipment repair

The term of performance of works is 14 days

Procedure of work

1. Equipment diagnostics. As a result of the diagnosis, technical specialists identify whether the device is subject to warranty repair.

This product is not subject to warranty repair/replacement in the following cases:

  • Incorrect operation
  • mechanical damage (external or internal)
  • damages caused by ingress other objects, insects, liquids.
  • presence of chemical, electrochemical, electrostatic, thermal damages;
  • damage caused by non-compliance with state standards of power, communication, cable networks
  • damage caused by the installation of components that do not meet the manufacturer’s specifications;
  • if repair or maintenance work during the warranty period was carried out by a not authorized person
  • in case of violation of the manufacturer’s seals on the equipment
  • damages due to external influences on the equipment and the electrical circuit to which the equipment was connected;
  • defective battery (backup battery)

2.1 If there are no violations in the operation  revealed after the diagnosis result   of equipment, free of charge repair or replacement of equipment must be performed.

2.2 If, as a result of the diagnosis, violations of operation from the list in paragraph 1 are detected, the repair of equipment is paid by the equipment holder. Documents  (bills, invoices and acts of work performed) will be enclosed in a parcel with the equipment.

After repair or replacement of the equipment, the devices will be sent to the integrator company by any transport company at the customer’s choice.

After sending the client will be sent a copy of the bill of lading with the parcel number  in order to control the cargo movement. 

The transport company is responsible for the cargo safety after sending the equipment. Delivery is paid by the recipient.


Phone: +370 (670) 03 884 (logistics department ),